// Strategy and Analytics


Analytics: the heart and soul of the business.

Analytics practice is acknowledged as one of the best in advertising, with a long history of industry firsts and award-winning work. The rigorous culture of experimentation, married to the insatiable curiosity demonstrated in the sophisticated learning agenda is the cornerstone of the ability to solve the hardest problems in business strategy and marketing. 
// What is done

Deliver business results through the intelligent application of tools, techniques, and a culture of curiosity.

Some of practice areas include:


Robust causal measurement

Measure campaign effectiveness through control/exposed experiments

Quantify and measure the success of  executions and innovate for clients


Developing best practices

Drive industry learning and best practices with the creation of Learning Agendas and Integrated Measurement Plans demonstrating year-on-year growth or establishing consultative measurement frameworks



Seek out and identify marketing signals that can help to quantify opportunities and act as predictors of investment effectiveness


Predictive analytics

Increase return on investments by using predictive analytics to improve forecasting and scenario planning


Econometrics, Machine Learning, and AI

Used advanced data science and machine learning-driven automation to deliver performance gains including in-platform optimization and increased geo-effectiveness in offline campaigns


Audience-first analytics

Take an audience-first approach to measuring campaign effectiveness: Profile → Plan → Validate → Measure → Optimize


Behavioral segmentation

Ensure the campaigns reach the right people at the right volume

Being careful to avoid counterproductive and harmful over exposure
// Technology

We're learning as fast as the machines.

Data science is in the DNA and we're always developing new tools and methods for improving  work. Examples of custom products and technologies developed to aid our analytics practice include:


Custom Algorithms

Making Google’s bidders better through the application of additional signals and machine learning. An industry exclusive.


Scrutineer and Incrementality

Scrutineer is a survey based product that collects test vs. control responses at scale for causal impact analyses. Incrementality allows us to evaluate the truly incremental impact of performance campaigns.


Self-Driving Campaigns

Self-driving campaign technology automates the process of operating media platforms freeing media teams to do the kind of innovative thinking that produces extraordinary results.



Built Abacus - a media planning tool - on top of the vast library of survey responses to help brands finally answer the question “How do I use digital media to build my brand?"



Tailcutter is a frequency management tool that manages exposure across platforms to improve both ROI and customer experience.

// Business Methodologies

Disruption Response


// Disruptive Project

An entire new world.

Engage patient with A.I.

Just using your smartphone


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Other areas of knowledge:

Disrupt. Grow. Change. Repeat.