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Content Innovation

Leveraging emerging media and advancements in advertising to devise custom programs for brands

Content Innovation practice pursues innovation in marketing beyond advertising, creating opportunities for brands to join a conversation rather than interrupt one. The goal is to bring brand communication eye-to-eye with the consumer, helping brands simultaneously demonstrate value and values. Custom programs help brands act authentically, driving brand awareness and brand affinity along with recall, intent to purchase, and intent to recommend.
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Bringing brands to life through relevant and innovative content and experiences, powered by data science.

Content Innovation practice leverages media partnerships, technology, and creative expertise to create best in class experiences and first-to-market activations in six distinct territories:


Branded Content

Promoting brands or products through the creation of content that provides value to audiences.


Product Integrations

Showcasing brands or products through engaging storytelling - typically through use by characters or talent - in ways that don't feel like a brand promotion.


Co-branded Collaborations

Strategic partnerships between brands or brands and media owners that introduces a product or activation to complementary audiences.


Live Experiences

Immersing audiences in fun and memorable experiences - often providing hands-on product demos - to stir genuine positive emotion associated with the brand


Influencers and Endorsements

Leveraging celebrity to legitimize a brand or product or validate a brand claim or position via personality or popularity.



Paid support of an event or editorial to convey brand values and/or gain exposure by positively participating in and supporting a key community.

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