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Being pioneer in the use of creativity, analytics and technology is the biggest challenge to create valuable, relevant, and trustworthy business success.

A selection of projects, methodologies, knowledge and outcomes applied to my everyday work life.

// Seeing the future

Data-driven growth for transformational Digital Marketing

We exists to radically improve the value and relevance of advertising for the benefit of brands and consumers. We do this by combining the principles of data science and the power of technology to enhance the strategy, creativity, and human expertise behind our work.
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// 360º View Services

Growing businesses with the world’s most valuable strategy.

Creating value for companies by creating value for consumers.
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// Challenges

São João by the numbers

How one of the biggest companies in Portugal is using communication & marketing to challenge the status quo

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// One system. Full spectrum.

Orbit View

How create a business strategy looking inside out and consumer focused.

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// Relevancy

Master Marketing Model

Strategy | Analyses | Planning | Execution

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// Get Brand Value

Why hospitals need Marketing?

An answer in the first person.
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// Real world

Why is branding imperative to your company?

New challenges to a new world.

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// Project

Football Pro X

Can you control every potential football player digitally?
"Football Pro X is a disruptive tech startup with a unique market algorithm & approach that is revolutionising the way football talent is achieved, finding unique football players in all corners of the world and monitoring their evolution, power & potential by Artificial Intelligence."

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// Project

Can I buy a car online controlling every process of the buyer journey?

An entire new world was born. Welcome BMW. Welcome Mini. Congratulations BMcar.
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// City Branding

How Porto is positioning it's brand.

Press strategy, right ton of voice, assertive, great product, get always good outcomes.

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// Managing Teams

How to manage and measure your team to get things done?

People are the most valuable asset of every company. Manage them right and have always amazing results. 

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// Just imagine

Is storytelling the soul of any brand strategy?

Immersion, interactivity, integration and impact. Let’s do this.

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