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Business Planning

Help brands do the right thing.

Optimization and automation help you run faster - but you have to be running in the right direction. Business Planning practice makes advertising more valuable to the businesses that invest in it, by ensuring their marketing plans deliver sustainable growth.
// What is done

The experts find the marketing levers that lead to business growth.


Sources of growth

Market dynamics

Growth goals

Market segmentation


Objective setting

Behaviour change

Key measures

Critical milestones



Investment guidance

Marketing mix

Advertising budgets



Audience focus

Communications tasks

Portfolio priorities
// Technology

We’ve got marketing science down to an art.

We apply data science-led approach to some of the biggest problems in marketing - how to set strategy, set priorities, and fund the journey to growth.


Marketing simulation

No single measurement method can capture the complexity of a fast-moving market. Use computer simulations to understand the dynamics of customer behaviour, predict outcomes, and plan scenarios.


Optimisation tools

Advanced analytics is only as good as your ability to use it. Build tools that turn data science into decision support, enabling more accurate predictions, and better decisions faster.

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Business vs Consumer


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