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// Endorsements

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  Fernando Araújo

//National Health Service (SNS) 

Chief Executive Officer

Ex Deputy Minister for Health | Ex President of the Board @ São João University Hospital Center

"Jorge is a high integrity individual that gets the right things done consistently. He manages teams well and understand the intricacies and subtleties in developing long lasting brand accuracy for the institution.
Jorge has a strong strategic marketing mind with outstanding communications skills. He is a strong team player and an expert in international digital knowledge. Jorge is without a doubt an asset to my organization adding value in every project. He is a very passionate person that contributes with all his heart and energy. He wants to drive change."

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  Arvind Mathur

//Kellogg Company

CIO Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa

"I was struck by Jorge’s energy and passion during our program together at LBS. Even after the Programme, we have stayed actively in touch and I have sought Jorge’s inputs, insights and support on a couple of projects I have worked on. On one of these, Jorge went out of his way to help me understand a situation and even engaged other experts he knew to generate options for me that helped me move my project forward. Jorge brings tremendous passion and commitment to anything he undertakes and it is such a pleasure working with him. Thanks mate!"

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  Maria Amélia Ferreira


Professor & Purveyor

Ex FMUP Director

"Jorge and I worked together on several innovative project during the last years.
He is a true master of his field, with a deep and thorough understanding of how to get the maximum value from Communication and Marketing.
In my view, Jorge is brilliant and his advice and recommendations have always been spot on.
Jorge and I had a great working relationship. He is a strategic, creative and visionary marketer. He is proactive, energetic and a charismatic person. I would highly recommend him as a wonderful and valuable addition to any team."

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  António Baía Reis

//Engineer University of Porto + UMAYA

Professor, Researcher & Director

"I rarely write recommendations. This one is mandatory. I've known Jorge for a few years now and we have worked together in a couple of projects. Jorge is my first go-to when it comes to Communication and Marketing, not only because he is really good at it, but mostly because of his unique creative mindset. There are many good communication and marketing professionals out there, and then there are professionals like Jorge who are part of that 1% of people that can really wow you! In a few words: great personality, creativity, talent, natural leader."

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  Jorge Morgado

//Oporto’s Metro & K

Communication Director & Senior Partner

"Every interaction with Jorge Jorge has left me aspiring to give more. He exudes purpose in all aspects of life. It’s rare to meet an executive so grounded with an authentic intention to improve lives. His influence is evident through the meaningful communication he brought to São João and the purpose-driven campaigns. Not only does he embrace a new era of digital disruption, but he uses innovation to lead brands and customers to a higher plane."

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António Ferreira

//São João University Hospital Center

President of the Board


"Dr. Jorge Miguel Vieira Jorge has been the Director of the Communication and Marketing Department at Hospital de São João since february 2009. Throughout this time, it created, structured and organized the department and transformed it into an essential unit for the pursuit of the company's strategic objectives. He demonstrated remarkable leadership qualities, the ability to involve his employees in the objectives to be achieved, loyalty to the Hospital project, remarkable work capacity and initiative. His competence in this specific area of ​​knowledge can be attested by the success of the ventures he embraced. His desire for permanent improvement and progression was reflected in the constant effort to update, participating in multiple training courses and concluding his MBA at the Porto School of Management / ESADE Barcelona with high ratings."

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Raimundo Filipe

//São João University Hospital Center

Content Manager

(Proudly from my team)

"Few people have the opportunity to report to a manager who is also a coach and a friend —but this is what I do by working with Jorge.
Jorge expertly fills the role of communication and marketing director for my company’s for just over eleven years.
I was always in awe of Jorge's ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages.
No matter how tense a project or a task is, Jorge makes sure everyone participates in its development and ends it with a feeling of accomplishment.
In my view, any employee or employer would be lucky to have Jorge as a director."

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  Antónia Guerra

//São João University Hospital Center


(Proudly from my team)

“The communication and marketing office was created 13 years ago. It grew, and developed, until it gave place to the Communication and Brand Department.
We formed a cohesive, disciplined and trained team, specialized in the areas of design, communication and marketing. We also created a motivating and organized environment thanks to a good management and leadership, that led to positive and above all recognized results.
Since the beginning that the appreciation of our work has grown and has been contributing to the optimization of those results.
After all this years, and thanks to a positive leadership from Jorge, it is with pride and commitment that I say #somossãojoão!”

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  Orlando Mota

//São João University Hospital Center

Communication Manager

(Proudly from my team)

Pride and satisfaction are the adjectives that come to my mind when I look back and see the long journey that we’ve made over more than a decade, in order to gain the trust of our audiences (employees, people who occupy leadership positions, the public and the Community in general) about the benefits of an organized, uniform and clear communication in an institution with the infrastructural and social dimension of Centro Hospitalar Universitário São João (CHUSJ).

Our path was filled with obstacles and victories, however, we were always able to maintain our main focus in our primordial task, improving the experience of our audiences with our brand. Resilience in the face of adversity led us till the level we are currently at. That, combined with the implementation of a strong strategy that resulted in the construction of an intimate relationship of trust and respect between our brand and its stakeholders.

Our sureness that an effective communication combined with the exceptional work that is carried out every day at CHUSJ, could raise the reputation of this institution to a stratospheric level, never before known in the Health sector in Portugal, was the fuel that kept this team running, led by Dr. Jorge Jorge, whose ambition, talent and dedication have forged, over the years, the image that São João occupies today in the mind-set of the Portuguese people.

Under the motto: a maximum creative freedom implies a maximum responsibility, particularly when we represent an humongous player in the Health sector of our country, Dr. Jorge Jorge has managed to mobilize his team under the common objective of promoting the good functioning of our institution through communication, as well as informing the community about what are some of the best practices in the Portuguese public health sector.

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  Juliana Tristão


Team Leader

"I admire Jorge's vast knowledge in all areas of marketing, with brilliant strategic thinking, management and communication skills. He is a professional whom I turn to regularly for advice and with whom I like to share ideas about the projects in which we are involved."

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  Luís Magno


Executive Director

"Jorge is a visionary and a brilliant marketer, and one of the best clients I've ever had. He knows how to lead from the front with his strategic vision and experience and how to lead from behind with his wisdom and support. He understands, perhaps better than any other CMO I’ve ever met or worked with just exactly what is a 'brand' and how to build and manage a strong, global iconic brand and business. Jorge is passionate about leadership development, creative and practical - he gets things done."

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  Nuno Mendes

//Nuno Mendes Health Group


"Jorge Jorge as a professional has an expansive thinking in the area of communication and marketing full of experience and uniqueness.
It shows extraordinary potential with constant construction of continuous improvement.
His professionalism in the market is highlighted and differentiated by a vision of alignment between people, processes and products."

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  Sofia Figueiras

//Viticulture Commission of the Vinho Verde Region

//Press Officer

"I met Jorge at the International MBA at Universidade Católica we both attended.
Since then, and over the past 10 decade, I’ve had the opportunity to stay in touch and get to know the projects he has created and developed with enthusiasm, motivation and an innovative approach.
I believe he’s got the skills required for a strategic partner in marketing and communications, such as an outstanding energy, motivation and entrepreneurial competencies. He’s also very pragmatic and fierce and has the ability to turn ideas into reality in a way that reveals solid analytical and strategic skills.
I’d confidently take a professional challenge led by him."

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  João Miguel Lopes

//Portucalense | IPAM | IADE

//Storytelling & MKT Digital Consultant

"Jorge is an expert in the field of Communication & Marketing with an absolute mastery in Digital tools and how they relate to management. His early embrace of strategy related social media has earned him a well deserved position at the pinnacle of global though leaders in this emerging field. I am confident that “Jorge’s” impact will be long lasting, and that his example will influence how we all negotiate the intersection of marketing delivery, strategy and digital in the years to come."

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  Hugo Casais

//Swag Online Store

//Founder & CEO

"Sorry, but I have to say this: It is not even worth mentioning that we are facing a professional of excellence in the world of communication and marketing. An upright human being, friend and above all professional at the highest level. It is a pride to deprive a person of this caliber. For me, at the top of the world. The “finest”. Congrats!" 

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  Rita Fontes de Oliveira

//Medical Innovation Center

CEO & Medical Director

"Jorge and I worked together in several work teams. Jorge always proved to be an excellent worker, proactive and committed, always with the ambition to do more and better.
He is an excellent and vibrant professional. In my opinion, he is one of the most hard-working persons that I had the pleasure to work with. He demonstrates maturity, responsibly, planning and developing strategic actions towards decision and fair judgement. As colleague Jorge is always available to help and motivate in the most difficult moments, always seeing the positive side and most importantly, loyal to his partners."

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  Orlando Rocha


//Product, Business and Technology Developer

"There is a thing that, we as a company, always defined as a key defining factor that defines a professional: Critical thinking. That's what we always shared with Jorge - Understanding the problem ahead, thinking of it, and defining a clear actionable plan. He is a key asset in any team, and his input is always valuable. For the past years, we have collaborated in the digital transformation big corporations and will continue to do so."

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  Luís Afonso


Communication Director

"Jorge and I worked together at SKA/TBWA for around two years. There are few people who can provide logical and pragmatic solutions to delivery challenges but Jorge does just that. This has resulted in Jorge being respected and appreciated. He is extremely realistic and above all, effective. He really gets things done, he simply makes things happen! He is the kind of guy you want on your team when you want smart answers when you most need them. I would recommend him as a valuable addition to any business."

// Acknowledgements

Nobody does anything alone.
Only with a great team you can reach something.

With this in mind I would like to thank all the great professionals I have the pleasure of working with along my professional journey.

Particularly to my current team, Orlando, Antónia, Raimundo, Carolina, and team K, Rui and Rute, without forgetting manny others that during years gave a huge contribute to São João Brand.

Along my journey I would like to thanks:

In a institutional and professional way to:

// São João
// W.Creative
// DGS
// House of Brands
// AQD

(and manny others)


In a knowledge way, I would also like to thanks to this institutions and the amazing professors and colleagues that I’ve made:

// Texas University
// London Business School
// Standford Business School
// APM Sydney
// INSEAD Fontainebleau
// PUC São Paulo
// ESADE Barcelona
// Católica Business School
// Parsons New York
// Porto Business School
// FIT New York
// U.Porto


Never forget the amazing people that I met during my journeys and trips around the world.
What an amazing privilege. 


I would like to thanks the anonymous people that work in this companies that everyday writes contents that inspired me to built ideas and purpose:

And in a particular way to my family, friends, and coleagues.


// New Generation People

It’s very good to see amazing people. People that complements you, inspire you, transcends and elevates you.
I call them, the New Generation People, and here is a small tribute to all of them.

New generation is not about age. Is about mind. It's about making the difference. People need people. Thats the essence of life. Real people. With real minds.

Here are represented some of the people that I have the priviledge of meet, interview, lunch, grab a glass, or just share an idea. They are the New Generation Minds of the Future.

Disrupt. Grow. Change. Repeat.