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Communication: the heart bump of every company

Good communication requires great planning and analysis, as well as close collaboration with specialists and all stakeholders. A careful interpretation of the information is necessary as it is often highly specialized.
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Real connection.

In order for the relationship between the person being consulted (company, institution, client) and the media to be optimized, seeking to be as advantageous as possible for the person being consulted, the communication professional must, primarily, know the stakeholder routines, the different publications the medium in which it operates, its specificities and the structure for selecting news.
The communication professional must be aware of the information of importance to readers and its news factor, but, in addition, he must also be aware of what is news-value for the media. 


Internal and External image

Reinforce the favorable image of the company among the target audiences, employees, partners, media, other institutions and public opinion


Add Value

Promote the brand and all its brand-projects as associated with great value, reflecting its real dimension, always connected with quality service and focused on excellence



Capitalize on information derived from the company's activity, such as new actions, innovations, performance, projects, investments, growth and expansion strategies, partnerships, conferences, social events, awards, among others



Promote actions where it is intended to position itself as a national and international reference



Promote and publicize all actions and events where it collaborates and adds value



Ensuring efficient and permanent communication with the media
// Approach

Planning Actions & Press Office

To get a company's communication set to have a unitary, harmonious and identifiable style, is to start making them effective, for that, some basic procedures are necessary for good communication with the press.

The information conveyed by the media must meet the needs and expectations of citizens. It is through the way they recreate and disseminate reality that social processes develops.

Media coverage by the press affects the way the citizen understands the world, it models the formation of opinions and influences subjective conceptions of reality.

If we consider the number of users, Facebook is today the 4th largest country in the world. Information is shared, commented on, reproduced very easily.

On the one hand, this situation gives citizens a voice in the media, allowing them to better choose the subjects that interest them, thus fulfilling their informational expectations.

On the other hand, citizens will demand greater transparency, rigor and quality from all social structures.

Institutions have to adapt to this process, otherwise they will lose their citizens and lose credibility and competitiveness.



Press-Releases: production and development of news facts



Sensitization and monitoring of different actions, enhancing the news factor of way to bring them even closer to the Media



Media Preparation and Advice - Press Conferences, Interviews and Promotion of Informal Meetings involving social communication

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Sustainable Results


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