Keynote Speaker @


Brands that support People

// ESEC | 2022

How to build a Strong Brand

// Onya | 2022

Marketing Budgets - Challenges and Opportunities 

//Digital Marketing Leaders Club | 2022

Communication & Press Challenges

// NewSchool | 2021

Communication & Marketing Strategies

// ISCAP | 2021

FiGroup: Digital Trends in the Health Sector

// FiGroup | 2021

Cnem: Marketing Challenge in Health

// ANEM | 2021

“iMed: Marketing in Healthcare"

// NOVA University | 2021

“Crisis Communication. A hospital open to the community."

// Minho University | 2021

"Communication in the Health Sector: Challenges & Opportunities"

// Católica Porto Business School | 2021
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"Communication & Marketing to ANEM Leaders"

// ANEM | 2021

“MedScoop - Challenges about Marketing & Leadership”

// ANEM | 2020 / 2021

"The Future of Health Care in Communication & Marketing"

// | Amsterdam | 2020  

“Business & eCommerce, Trends & Challenges”

// ISCAP Porto | 2020

“New Trends in Digital Marketing"

// ISVOUGA | 2020

“A new Challenge to a new Future"

// eHealthSummit | Lisbon

“Share life, join the tribe"

// International Youth Conference | Aveiro

“Marketing Strategies"

// AtUAliza.te Marketing Conference | Aveiro

“Managing Health Marketing"

// Faculty of Medicine | Porto

“Communication & Marketing in the Health Sector”

// ISCAP | Porto

“Social Media Marketing”

// ANEM | Coimbra

“Creative Colab with Thomas Seymat”

// UPTEC/PINC | Porto

“Networking & Marketing”

// SLOWNetworking | Porto

“The future of Communication”

// HOPE | Finland

“How to give power to the Customer”

// ACREDITA-TE | Porto

“Challenges in Branding”

// FPCEUP | Porto

“Marketing for Pharmaceuticals”

// FFUP | Porto

“Marketing Case Studies”

// ISMAI | Porto

“Advertising in Health Products”

// ICBAS/FFUP | Porto

“@ International Forum on Marketing & Communication”

// Palais des Congrès | Paris

“How to Create Valuable Brands”

// ME2MED | Porto

“How Social Media Transform the World”

// SocialMediaDay - Mashable | Porto

“Database Marketing Management”

// ISMAE | Porto

“Marketing with results”

// Católica Porto Business School | Porto

“Marketing Management”

// IPAM | Porto

"I Forum Novartis Communicators"

// Beloura | Lisbon

Mentioned @

// Happiness Camp 2022, Lionesa Business Hub, Matosinhos, Portugal

// XI Fórum Saúde para o Século XXI, Health Digital Transformation, Portugal

// Digital Marketing Leaders Member, mClub, Singapore 

// Brand Positioning, New York Business Solutions, NYC, USA

// Creating a Winning Customer Experience, Standford Business School

// International Marketing: How to Handle the Challenges in a Globalized World with Peter George Kirby Higgs

// Lead Without a Title – Winning Leadership Lessons to Build a Great Organization, with Robin Sharma, Lisbon, Portugal

// NYC Business, Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC, USA

// Marketing & Strategies - Professionnels Du Marketing Digital, Paris, France

// Adobe Summit, London, UK

// 1st ALUMNI INSEAD ‘15 Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal

Participant @

// Cyber Security Crisis Communication Strategy, ENISA, Estoril, Lisbon

// Metaverso Week, Madrid Content School, Madrid, Spain

// eConsultancy Annual Marketing Conference, London, UK

// HealthCluster: Meetings with Innovation in Health, Porto, Portugal

// Digital Trends, from Marketing to Artificial Intelligence and e-Commerce, Lisbon, Portugal

// “Building the Future” the Future of Digital Transformation, Altice Arena, Lisbon, Portugal

// Medical Tourism & Health Marketing in the World, Medical Tourism Association, Lisbon, Portugal

// The Master Algorithm: How the Quest for the Ultimate Learning Machine Will Remake Our World”, Pedro Domingos, from the Dept. of Computer Science & Engineering of the University of Washington , PBS, Porto

// Marketing and Innovation in Sports”, Luis Vicente, AEP, Porto, Portugal 

// “Media Inbound”, Dan Costa, Editor-in-Chief of, Porto, Portugal 

// “Talent Connect - LinkedIn” - with CEO Jeff Weiner & Head of Product, Eddie Vivas, Las Vegas, EUA 

// International Conference - “Corporates are the Future but the Future is not Corporate - Unlecture with Robert Phillips” - Porto Business School, Porto

// eMarketing & Strategies Clients - Le Salon Des Professionnels Du Marketing Digital - Versailles - Paris

// International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare, Palais des Congrès - Paris

// Brand Equity in the Medical Travel Market with Ilan Geva, Fórum Portucalense

// Mobile Health Seminar - New ways to look to health solutions- SaudeCuf, Lisbon 

// “Marketing International: how to handle the challenges in a globalized world “, Católica Business School, Porto, com Peter George Kirby Higgs, ex- Pepsi Cola Marketing Director

// “Big Data and Marketing current challenges“, Porto Business School, Porto

// “The health insurance system beyond 2014”, ENSP, Portuguese Government, FMUP, with Dr. Paulo Macedo, Health Minister

// Webinar “Facebook for Business”, with Heidi Sullivan, Senior Vice President, Digital Media

// Forum “Access to information in the Health Business”, CHUSJ, Porto

// Workshop “How to handle conflicts and communicate bad news”, PfizerAcademy, AEP

// 12º Get Together - “Innovation in Internal Communication”, Porto

// Workshop “Hospital Branding”, PfizerAcademy, Oeiras

// Workshop “Strategic thinking and decision making” with Dr. Manuel Delgado, PfizerAcademy, AEP

// Seminar “The sustainability of the national insurance system and hospital management efficiency: Mission impossible” with Dr. Hugo Meireles, Católica Business School2012

// QSP Summit, Exponor

// III Communicators Forum and Hospitality Sector

// World Marketing Forum 3.0, CCB, Lisboa

// Sustainability Solutions for Business and the World, Porto Business School, Porto (with Gregory Unruh)

// Marketing Seminar ISCAP, Porto

// Seminar “The Coca-Cola Shopper 360º”, EGE, Porto (with Elizabeth Toller)

// International Marketing Congress, APPM, Lisboa

// 6º Seminar about Child Marketing, Casa da Música, Porto (with David Buckingham)

// Sports and Health, Fundação Cupertino Miranda, Porto (with André Villas-Boas)

// Competitive Intelligence – a Strategic Solution, Porto Business School, Porto

// Blended Marketing, EGE, Porto

// I Conference of National Leaders, Lisbon (with Peter Bluckert)
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