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National Geographic

"Old-world wine in a bold new setting"

The introduction of cheap flight routes has led to Porto soaring in the city break rankings in recent years. Its dramatic, hilly layout lends itself to surprising discoveries: landscaped lookout points are snuck into the gaps between precipitous winding streets and, down on the banks of the Douro River, the Ribeira neighbourhood hints at the city’s rich Age of Discovery heritage.

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"Most Romantic Look"

“Gigi Hadid and Domhnall Gleeson Take the Perfect Winter Break in the Season’s Most Romantic Looks”

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“Oporto - Small Packages"

" It’s a creative melting pot, with proximity to good fashion and furniture manufacturers drawing a smart crowd of designers. The sunshine and world-leading cuisine are encouraging foreigners to settle here."

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Finalists Announced – 2020 Urbanism Awards

"European City of the Year"

The Academy of Urbanism is delighted to announce 15 Great Places shortlisted by a panel of Academicians as finalists in the 2020 Urbanism Awards. The Awards, which celebrate and learn from great placemaking, cover five categories of scale, including European City of the Year and Great Town, Neighbourhood, Street and Place.

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"Porto, Portugal: Where To Visit"

"Among the one of Europe's most colorful cities, Porto offers picture-ready scenes at every turn, from walls covered in elaborately painted tiles to some of the most memorable seafood dishes in Europe"

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El País

"Oporto, seducción en 10 pasos."

"La vista desde el otro lado del puente de Luis I, una comida en la Marisqueira dos Pobres, la calle más artística, la estación de São Bento y un rincón para pottermaniacos. Hay sobrados motivos para enamorarse de esta urbe del norte de Portugal, envuelta por el río Duero y el océano Atlántico."

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"Charmed by the magic of pretty Porto"

Northern Portugal offers a snapshot of the country in miniature – the excitement of a coastal city combined with lovely landscapes, picturesque towns and mountain ranges.
Porto has such a laid-back vibe, it’s positively horizontal.

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The Guardian

"Pret a Porto: Portugal’s second city is ready for the limelight"

"A decade ago, the city’s historic centre was badly rundown. Now, having been carefully restored, it’s filled with culture, cafes and unusual shops"

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The Times

"Porto city guide: the Big Weekend"

Spanning the steep slopes of the Douro River and stitched together by spectacular arched bridges, Porto can go toe to toe with Europe’s prettiest cities. Add in the idiosyncratic cuisine, politely hedonistic vibe and creative undercurrent and you’ll wonder why you worked your way through a dozen other city breaks before stopping by.

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"World's coolest bookstore"

Previous incarnations of this sublime bookstore and its publishing house date to 1869, but this beauty was built in 1906 by engineer Xavier Esteves.
A century later, it remains arguably the world's most beautiful bookstore, with neo-Gothic architecture incorporating stained glass, a sweeping staircase and a plaster ceiling imitating wood.

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by EuropeanBestDestinations

"Best City Parks in Europe"

The Romantic Gardens of Palácio de Cristal occupy an area of 8 hectares in Porto's centre and they were designed in the 19th century by the German landscape architect Émille David, in the context of constructing the building of Palácio de Cristal (Crystal Palace). 

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Wall Street Journal

"A Perfect Long Weekend in Porto"

Perched on the steep banks of the River Douro, Porto is a fascinating and charming city—easy to love, hard to leave. With its bustling back streets, Gothic churches, riverside cafes, and its long-standing trade in port wine, every turn reveals a different layer of history.

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"10 Underrated European Cities"

It's hard not to fall in love with Portugal's romantic second city, Porto. Located on the coast of the Rio Douro, the portside town is a melting pot of colors and architectural styles; from the pastel townhouses to the medieval bell towers, the extravagant baroque churches to the classical beaux-arts state buildings.

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Condé Nast 

"Las fotos que harán que pierdas la cabeza por Oporto"

Oporto tiene mucho de qué presumir. Descubrimos algunos rincones de la capital del norte de Portugal a golpe de Instagram. Buenos vinos, bacalao, mucha historia escondida tras cada azulejo, una gran belleza barroca y una frenética vida en torno a las aguas del Douro. ¡Esto es Oporto!

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Los Angeles Times

"Porto, Portugal, turns on the charm, pours forth history"

PORTO, Portugal — Second cities tend to be like people with an inferiority complex, carrying with them a real or perceived belief that they cannot compare with their older, more intriguing and sophisticated siblings: Chicago versus New York. Liverpool versus London.
In Portugal it is the opposite. Porto, the nation’s second-largest city, has all the history, charm and sophistication of Lisbon without the crowds, congestion and price-gouging taxi drivers.

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USA Today

"Porto, Portugal Named Best Under-the-Radar Romantic Destination!"

Known not only for the wine produced here, Porto also gave the country its name, derived from its history as the Roman settlement of Portus Cale. Sprinkled like medieval jewels on a rocky gorge carved out by the Rio Douro, Portugal's second largest city combines the best of Old World charm with modern-day comforts. 

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New York Times

"36 Hours in Porto, Portugal"

From its stunning Beaux-Arts station to its cool bars serving Porto’s signature drink, this charming city combines the best of old and new.
Stunning 18th- and 19th-century buildings, new indie bars and restaurants and a laid-back vibe, facilitated by the excellent wine — it’s hard to find anything to dislike about Porto.

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Huffington Post

"Smaller Cities That Are More Beautiful Than Their Capitals"

Though Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, it's often overlooked by travelers who prefer take a quick trip to Lisbon. It is just as lively and just as beautiful. The historic center of Ribeira is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and with a recent boom in tourism, the city is more ready than ever to receive visitors. 

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"The Most Fascinating Travel Destinations for Wine Lovers"

No wine region surprises you more with its beauty than the sleepy, remote Douro Valley. The Unesco World Heritage site is a 90-minute drive from the city of Porto, in the northern part of Portugal. Flanking the winding Douro River are stone-terraced vineyards on steep, vertigo-inducing hillsides dotted with whitewashed 18th and 19th century quintas (wine farms). For centuries the quintas were difficult to reach. Driving the twisting road can still be a white-knuckled proposition—one scenic 17-mile stretch, from Peso de Regua to Pinhao, has 93 hairpin curves.

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"Move Over, Paris—Porto Is Europe's Hot New Shopping Capital"

For all the popularity Lisbon has amassed over the past few years as a sought-after travel destination, Porto is still overlooked. But it shouldn’t be: Portugal’s “second city” is the country’s real standard setter when it comes to design, thanks to its heritage as a manufacturing hub through most of the 19th and 20th centuries. Now it’s gaining traction as a shopping mecca, too, filled with locally made items by emerging designers who can’t be found elsewhere.

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“The city with a chip on its shoulder"

I don’t know who invented the term “Second City”, but I’m willing to bet it wasn’t someone who lived in one.
Yes, technically a Second City is simply a nation’s second most populous city but, let’s face it, the term also implies inferiority, second-class status. No wonder residents of Second Cities bristle at the moniker. There is nothing second rate about cities like Krakow, Poland, or Montreal, Canada. Second Cities offer the wise traveller some very first-rate experiences.

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“Weekend breaks in Porto: why you should consider Portugal's charming second city"

Porto, is hot on its heels. So if you’ve already ticked off a weekend of tram riding, bar hopping and pasteis de nata scoffing in its capital, then Porto should be next on your list.

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“Porto, Portugal: Where To Visit"

Among the one of Europe's most colorful cities, Porto offers picture-ready scenes at every turn, from walls covered in elaborately painted tiles to some of the most memorable seafood dishes in Europe.

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“Pret a Porto: Portugal’s second city is ready for the limelight"

Something odd is happening in Porto’s most famous bookshop. We arrive in the middle of the morning, after a leisurely breakfast of coffee and custard-filled pastéis de nata. The queue to get inside runs around the next block.

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"Open the curtains, go outside, enjoy the sun while you can."

We 🤍 Porto.

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